IoT Solution at Merian Iselin Private Medical Clinic, Basel

At any time and from anywhere I have the complete overview of the temperature inside the medicine cabinets.

The Merian Iselin Clinic in Basel is one of the most renowned private medical clinics in Switzerland. The clinic is comprised of two main parts with varying ages of construction and extensions. Some medicines are kept in cabinets located on the same floors as patients so as to be conveniently close at hand.

Ensuring that all medication is kept at the ideal storage humidity and temperature is of high importance to the clinic operators. For that reason Merian Iselin uses an IoT solution from the Switzercloud. The IoT sensors inside the cabinets periodically measure temperature and humidity and send the values via LoRaWAN® to the Switzercloud. There they are processed and displayed to the clinic operator within the end-customer dashboard. Service technicians are immediately notified by the Switzercloud if and when values ​exceed the users pre-defined range.

Thanks to the extensive range of interfaces on the Switzercloud, it is easy to integrate the captured data directly from the Switzercloud into the building management system. This first IoT use case will serve as the foundation for other Switzercloud applications such as parking monitoring, object tracking or any other IoT solution that will make clinic operations more efficient and a guests visit more enjoyable.


The Merian Iselin Clinic's intuitive dashboard enables Swissmedic to comply with regulatory requirements with a single click.

Customers Opinion

Stephan Begert, Head of Technology and Safety
Merian Iselin Clinic

Our technical team performs the service and repair of our equipment and facilities. Thanks to the Switzercloud IoT platform, we are immediately informed when something is not as it should be. This helps us to be more efficient and assists the team to rapidly react to any potential issues. We expect that in the coming years that we will be able to achieve many operations and maintenance improvements with the help of the appropriate IoT sensors.

The Switzercloud relies on strong
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IoT-Sensor Partner

The Switzercloud relies on flawless IoT devices made by trusted partners from around the world.
In this smart building solution, we rely on IoT devices from our partner Adeunis. The devices deliver precise indoor climate temperature and humidity valuese.

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